Colloration Programme

Colloration Programme

The  school  has  a  variety  of  interesting  activities.  Children’s  activities  throught  the  “Kindergarten   Education Curriculum Guide(2017),  in  order  to  enable students  to  get balanced  and  effective  development.

Physical Fitness and Health

World Health Organization International Safe School(Hong Kong Safety and Health Certification Scheme)

HKQAA-HCS Hygiene Control System—Our school is health school.

Straighten Up Campus Campaign (Children Chiropractic Foundation)

Our school joins HKU Faculty of Dentistry to help children mantain dental nygiene.

Our school has been conducting a territory-wide oral health promotion programme calld Brighter Smiles for the New Generation. It is a programme for the pre-primary children. Its aim is to promote the establishment of good oral health care habits.

The “[email protected]” Campaign promotes the health of children through a school-based setting. This programe aim to create conducive environments for healthy eating and physical activities.


The Joyful Fruit Day Activity aims to create a favourable environment, therefore the children would eat an adequate amount of fruit every day.

The school’s unique snacks and refreshments.


A week in the life of our school.


Our teachers join Standing Committee on Language Education and Research,SCOLAR—“Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level’Project Sustainability Programme”, this programme provides collegial lesson planning , post-observation discussion and workshop.The teachers improve their teaching.

The school has been invited by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) to participate in the   “Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level – Project Sustainability Programme”, to demonstrate and share our teaching experience with other participants from Hong Kong. The programme aims to strengthen and improve the teaching skills and efficiency of kindergarten teachers, to enhance students’ interest in the learning of languages.

Our school was granted $2,220,000 by the EDB and the Quality Education Fund to develop the picture book teaching method. Our school values children’s whole-person development and strives to foster their learning motivation, communication abilities, sense of commitment and their creativity. This approach forms a foundation for lifelong learning.

The 9 Common Capabilities are:

1.Collaboration Skills

2.Communication Skills

3.Self-management Ability

4.Computing Ability

5.Study Skills

6.Critical Thinking Skills


8.Problem Solving Ability

9.Use of Information Technology Capability

Early Childhood Mathematics

Our school introduces award-winning Korean curriculums (Magnet Blocks and Board Games) for Elite Education.

Nature and Living

Hong Kong Green School Award-outstanding Award(Pre-School Categary)

The school has won all four major accolades of the Green School Awards, including the “Environmental Management Award”, “Environmental Education Award”, “School Environmental Infrastructure Award”, and the “Family Participation in Environmental Activities Award”.

The school was invited to be a keynote speaker at a “Green School” sharing session held on December 13, 2018. At the session, we introduced the efforts undertaken by our school to accomplish the four major awards in the programme, to attendees from other schools in Hong Kong.

The “Environmental Infrastructure Award and “Environmental Education Award

Pre-primary environmental education programmes is to promote “use less, waste less” practice.“Food For Good “ firmly believes that it is crucial to nurture our next generation at an early age on the importance of minimizing our food waste. The organic compost produced is used to grow vegetables in school gardens. In addition, it talks about food and food waste are held.

Prospectus of Jockey Club One Person, One Flower Scheme which promote a green culture among students, cultivate their interest in growing plants and raise their concerns to the community.

Greeners Action hold multi-activities which promote children’s environmental awareness.

Self and Society

SING Project(Studying Impact of Nutrition on Growths) aims to explore the effect of dietary and health-related behaviours on gowth and development of children.


Every year our school holds sport day. The fee of sport day come from the funding of Home-School Co-operation Grants

The ‘Opportunities for the Elderly Project’ (OEP) has been providing various opportunities for the elderly to unleash their potentials, further their contribution to society and cultivate a sense of self-worthiness.


Our school joins the Moral and Civic Education Award Fund.

Arts and Creativity

In 2015, Comprehensive Early Childhood Creative Arts Program was honoured by the Award for Art Education in the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2014. TWGHs obtained funding to implement this program in order to develop comprehensive visual arts curriculum. At the same time, to enhance teachers’ abilities in visual arts, music and formation of dancing , thus to promote the creative education in early childhood effectively.

TWGHs Kindergartens “Every Child is an Artist” promote the creative education in early childhood effectively.

Our teachers participated in the Mainland and in Hong Kong Teacher Exchange and Collaboration Scheme of the Education Bureau. They exchanged ideas with other teachers and jointly developed in arts, as well as conduction in-depth teaching and the arts knowledge of art curriculum.

Vienna Boys Programmes offers the authentic artists’ approach to music. The programme aims to inspire children with the many pleasures of singing and at the same time. Establish a solid music foundation to facilitate future music learning.

TWGHs obtained funding to implement this program in order to develop comprehensive visual arts curriculum. At the same time, to enhance teachers’ abilities in visual arts, music and formation of dancing ,

Our school joinedQuality Education Fund Thematic Network on Kindergarten Education(Whole-person Development)2012-2013.

Our School held “ Musical Drama of children”Programe. The funding of programe come from Quality Education Fund.

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