Parent-School Cooperation

Parent-School Cooperation

Parents’ Seminars and Interest Classes

Course Briefing
Let parents understand our school’s curriculum and work together to build a better life path for children

Playgroup BB Practice Class
Let BB try to get along with others before entering kindergarten, and adapt to group learning and increase the enjoyable learning experience

Freshmen Parents’ Seminar
Enlighten parents of newly enrolled children on how to make it easy for their children to enter school and learn happily, and guide them to learn some simple child psychology

Primary One Central Allocation Admission Parents’ Seminar
Parents’ meetings are held twice a year so that parents can keep abreast of the latest primary school information which helps parents choose a suitable and preferred primary school for their children

“Heart to Heart Positive Psychology for Parents” Parents’ Seminar
Parents also need support from school, friends and spouse. This talk will help parents maintain a happy family life

“Inspiring Intelligence” Parents’ Seminar
Let parents know how children learn so that parents have skills to arouse their children’s wisdom

“Child Psychology” Parents’ Seminar
Let parents get to know themselves and their children, as knowing oneself and one another is very helpful to nurturing children

“Train Children’s Pen Holding Skills and Promote the Development of Small Hand Muscles Skills” Parents’ Seminar
Nurture children’s balanced development and lay the foundation for writing

“Parent-Child Games” Parents’ Seminar
Allow parents to master effective parent-child games which add fun and learning elements when they know how to play games with their children

“Improve Children’s Memory” Workshop
Experts teach parents to improve children’s memory skills

“Pressure Relieving Skills” Parents’ Seminar
Let parents know how to relieve pressure in their busy lives

“Enhance Parent-Child Relationship from Children’s Creative Expressions” Parents’ Seminar
Promote high-quality parent-child relationship and increase children’s expressive skills

“New Year Hanging Ornaments” Parents’ Interest Class
Interest classes allow parents to get to know each other, help and support each other in a relaxed and happy class, and exchange their parenting experiences. Learn how to make a New Year’s hanging ornament in the New Year’s hanging ornament class to make your home warm and joyful during the New Year

 “Basic First Aid” Parents’ Interest Class
Let parents know basic first aid methods for emergencies

“English Phonics for Parents” Interest Class
Let parents know how their children learn English phonics to understand their children’s learning situation

“Parents’ Cooking” Interest Class
Let parents happily learn some basic cooking skills so they can cook delicious meals at home

“Parents Children Haircut” Interest Class
Let parents know the skills of hair cutting so they can cut their children’s hair

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