Our curriculum focuses on aims of early childhood education and child development. It consists of many different activities and games to allow our children to use multiple learning styles.

Children’s Learning Profolio

Only when you both teach and educate people can it be called education. A child’s path to growth is established through cooperation between teachers and parents. There are many methods and orientations to nurture children, and parents must be cautious. Children’s enlightenment, mastering learning, and fulfilling their potential require experience and time to nurture. Only by continuously observing and recording the child’s daily performance can the child’s abilities truly be shown. Educational psychologist Piaget believes that children’s growth development is the physical and mental process of an individual’s progress of adapting to the environment. From the perspective of children, it will gradually expand with their social circle. Children’s wisdom can only be unlocked with the gradual accumulation of experience in life, and children will grow steadily. In view of this, in order to let parents understand children’s learning needs and the experience of applying what they have learned, teachers have especially designed “My Academic History” for each student; the content includes personal information, learning experience, work records, the child’s feedback, the child’s art works, the child’s self-evaluation and various aspects of development are listed in the archives. From a child’s first day at school to graduation, a growth file is presented to classmates and parents every year.

Thematic assessment , assessment Summary, children feedback and children’s arts are in Children’s Learning Profolio. This Profolio can record children’s learning.

Children learn for themselves by observing other students in small group.
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