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The World Health Organization’s recommendations on children’s physical activity, meditation and sleep guidelines

The following recommendations are applicable to children from K1 to K3 in Hong Kong’s kindergartens which includes:

Children engage in at least 180 minutes of physical activity of any intensity per day, including at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (for example: jogging, jumping, ball games).

Children should not be active in a limited space (such as strollers/trolleys) or remain seated for more than 1 hour; the duration of children coming into contact with the screen (such as tablets, mobile phones) should also not exceed 1 hour; at the same time, children should be encouraged to participate in reading and telling a story.

Children should maintain 10-13 hours of good quality sleep (including nap time) every day; at the same time, children should be encouraged to establish regular sleeping and wake-up hours.