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[Straighten Up Campus Campaign] SPINE Online Chiropractic Learning Platform – Video Clips Recommendations (January)

1. Tips from a Chiropractor: “Scoliosis in Youths”

Scoliosis is a time bomb that needs to be addressed. ? Chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Ng Pui-chee introduces the types, causes, impact, and examination of scoliosis. ?? 

2. Exercises to Strengthen Your Spine – “↑Brush Up↑, ↓Brush Down↓”

We are familiar with brushing our teeth, but we can brush our shoulder blade and spine too! Learn to use a towel to exercise our shoulders, back and arms! ??

3. One Minute Exercise to Protect Our Spine: “Squats to Strengthen Your Bones”.

An alternative way to play with layers/blocks? ? Experience deep squatting and play some games at the same time!??