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[Straighten Up Campus Campaign] SPINE Online Chiropractic Learning Platform – Video Clips Recommendations (April)

1. Tips from a Chiropractor – “A Good Night’s Sleep”

The average person spends one-third of his or her life sleeping. So, do you sleep well? In this episode, chiropractor Dr. Aton Lee Fong-tin shares the key to improving your sleep quality. 👍

2. Exercises to Strengthen Your Spine – “The Pectoral Muscles’ Buddy”

Want to know who is the best buddy of your pectoral muscles 🤔? Learn simple shoulder stretches to improve issues such as round shoulders and kyphosis with the chiropractic instructor!

3. One Minute Exercise to Protect Our Spine – “Chiropractic Pairing Game”

Don’t miss the chiropractic card game giveaway 😍 See how Little Miss Rabbit uses her set of chiropractic cards to play games!