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[Straighten Up Campus Campaign] SPINE Online Chiropractic Learning Platform – Video Clips Recommendations (April)

1. Tips from a Chiropractor – “A Good Night’s Sleep”

The average person spends one-third of his or her life sleeping. So, do you sleep well? In this episode, chiropractor Dr. Aton Lee Fong-tin shares the key to improving your sleep quality. ?

2. Exercises to Strengthen Your Spine – “The Pectoral Muscles’ Buddy”

Want to know who is the best buddy of your pectoral muscles ?? Learn simple shoulder stretches to improve issues such as round shoulders and kyphosis with the chiropractic instructor!

3. One Minute Exercise to Protect Our Spine – “Chiropractic Pairing Game”

Don’t miss the chiropractic card game giveaway ? See how Little Miss Rabbit uses her set of chiropractic cards to play games!