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Congratulations to the students of our school for winning the GAPSK Nursery Song Poetry Elite Competition (the third session)

Seven awards in Kindergarten category



Two Championship Awards:

K2WChan Ho Yan

K2W Lin Tsun Yui


Three Runner-up Prizes:

K1B Tso Lok Ching

K2A Zhong Muk Hei

K2A Fok Yeuk Kiu


Two Awards of Excellence:

K2A Yu Chi Yuen

K2C Zhang Wenshuo


Congratulations to all the award-winning students🙌🏻, and at the same time, I would also like to thank our Mandarin teacher Li Qin for teaching our outstanding students carefully👍🏻


The highlights of the students Unit 1 in school

The contents are as follows:

These were the highlights of the K1 Unit 1 “Adaptation Week and First Day in School” activity. During the activity, students met their teachers and classmates at Chan King Har Kindergarten. Here’s to many more firsts~

These were the highlights of the K2 Unit 1 “Making Friend with Tin Tin” activity. During the activity, students created eco-friendly maracas and tried shaking them together. It was really fun~

These were the highlights of the K3 Unit 1 “They Love Me” activity. During the activity, students got familiar with the names of family members and their responsibilities and learned how to be filial to them. In addition, there were also wonderful photos from the Mid-autumn Festival and International Traditional Costume Day activities~


The latest video on the Fun Channel is released!

It is finally our Kindergarten students‘ (Chan King Har Kindergarten)  turn to show up  in the video🙌🏻 in this episode! Do you want to know what food our children are secretly preparing to make? Do you want to send heart-warming surprises to those around you? Hurry up and let’s watch the video🎥!!

I would like to wish Tung Wah Group of Hospitals a happy birthday💕🎂

After watching the video, you may wish to take the time to make delicious food with the children. You are also welcome to leave a message on the Facebook page and share with us. Remember to like and share to support our children💪🏻


“Master Insight” Educational Series Short Films Sharing

To raise public awareness of TWGHs, the Education Division and the Corporate Communication Division collaborated with a media company called “Master Insight” to film a series of 5 short videos about TWGHs education. We invited different stakeholders of TWGHs to explore our mission in education and our “holistic development” policy, practice and effectiveness from multiple perspectives in each video.

Episode 1 – TWGHs fully supports its schools by assisting teachers and students in enhancing their knowledge about our nation. “Master Education”

Episode 2 – The TWGHs Education Division supports school development by nurturing talents through holistic development such as enriching their learning opportunities and cultivating academic and moral development. “Master Education”

Episode 3 – The TWGHs schools attach great importance on moral education and provide multifaceted experiences through nurture by nature. “Master Education”

Episode 4 – The curriculum of TWGHs schools keeps pace with changing times by working together and nurturing talents through home-school cooperation. “Master Education”

Episode 5 – TWGHs alumni show gratitude to their alma mater by embodying the spirit of service in giving back to the community. “Master Education”

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Student Travel and Health Status Declaration Form before the Resumption of Classes

 Student Travel and Health Status Declaration Form before the Resumption of Classes


Carol Singing Festival 2021

Dear Parents,

Christmas is approaching!!! I would like to wish all the parents and children a very Merry Christmas! 🎅🎊🎉

Previously, our school had participated in an “Online Christmas Carol Singing Festival 2021” of the “Child Development Matching Fund CDMF”.

Parents can browse the “Child Development Matching Fund CDMF” Christmas Carol Singing Festival on Facebook (,

Enjoy watching the video clips of our school and each participant’s performance.

Simultaneously, the conference will display the highlights of the carol festival performances in designated shopping malls, in an arbitrary manner.

Starting from 25th to 31st December, parents and children can visit the designated malls, watch the video clips and enjoy the festive season.

The details of the showtimes in the assigned malls are as follows 👇🏻

Sincerely, TWGHs Chan King Har Kindergarten
December 20, 2021


Report on Physical Examination

Report on Physical Examination

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[Straighten Up Campus Campaign] SPINE Online Chiropractic Learning Platform – Video Clips Recommendations (April)

1. Tips from a Chiropractor – “A Good Night’s Sleep”

The average person spends one-third of his or her life sleeping. So, do you sleep well? In this episode, chiropractor Dr. Aton Lee Fong-tin shares the key to improving your sleep quality. 👍

2. Exercises to Strengthen Your Spine – “The Pectoral Muscles’ Buddy”

Want to know who is the best buddy of your pectoral muscles 🤔? Learn simple shoulder stretches to improve issues such as round shoulders and kyphosis with the chiropractic instructor!

3. One Minute Exercise to Protect Our Spine – “Chiropractic Pairing Game”

Don’t miss the chiropractic card game giveaway 😍 See how Little Miss Rabbit uses her set of chiropractic cards to play games!

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[Straighten Up Campus Campaign] SPINE Online Chiropractic Learning Platform – Video Clips Recommendations (March)

1. [A Festive Special] – “DIY Lucky Coin Bank for Your Lunar New Year Red Packets”

After our previous Christmas handicraft session with Dr. Chiropractor, Little Miss Dragonfly has a new activity just for you 😝 This Lunar New Year, turn a milk carton into a coin bank. Get ready to open your red packets! 🧧

2. “2020 Results Sharing Session”

2020 has been quite an extraordinary year, we cordially invite you to join us in reflecting upon the past year. Let’s not forget the importance of chiropractic care even in the “epidemic” ❤️

3. “Sitting Posture: Side of Waist, Ankle, and Knee”

Did you accidentally ate too much candy and rice cakes 😰? Don’t worry, train your muscles at the side of your abdomen with Ken Sir 🏋 now!

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【[Straighten Up Campus Campaign] SPINE Online Chiropractic Learning Platform – Video Clips Recommendations (February)

1. Tips from a Chiropractor – “How to detect spinal problems in children?”

Can you detect spinal problems early? 🤔 Dr. Sun Lung explains how to detect spinal problems from the child’s habits/physical needs/health conditions. ❓

2. Exercises to Strengthen Your Spine: “Lie Down, Exercise With a Towel”

Little Miss Rabbit will teach you to move your hips and pelvis while lying down, 🐰 simply stretch with a towel before bedtime!

3. One Minute Exercise to Protect Our Spine: “Send Mr. Bean Bag Home”

There are proper ways to walking and standing! Play a relaxing game, to learn more about the ideal posture for walking. 🚶