The highlights of students’ Second Semester Unit 1 in school

These were the highlights of Learning Unit 1, “The Crocodile and the Dentist” activity, of K1 students in the 2nd Semester. The story talks about the crocodile’s 🐊 courageous visit to the dentist 👨⚕ because of a toothache. Both the crocodile and the dentist felt intense fear 😨 during the visit, but eventually, they faced their fears with courage. Students learned about the dentist’s job and how to protect their teeth from the instructional activity, helping cultivate a courageous 💪 and positive attitude. They also delved into the reasons why the dentist and the crocodile were afraid of each other. Students made their own giant 3D toothbrush 🪥, which incorporated elements of art.

These were the highlights of Learning Unit 1, “Duckling So Goes on a Trip” activity, of K2 students in the 2nd Semester. The story talks about Duckling So’s (the main protagonist) happy life on the farm until she won the grand prize🏅of a trip around the world for two. The animals on the farm were happy for her, but each one of them also aspired to be the fortunate companion of Duckling So to travel around the world 🛩. It was very nerve-racking 🤯 to choose who among her good friends on the farm to bring with her on the trip. Through this activity, students learned about the different emotions as well as the customs and cultures of different countries.

These were the highlights of Learning Unit 1, “The Invisible Person Comes to My House” activity, of K3 students in the 2nd Semester. The story talks about the invisible person (the main protagonist) arriving to his family on Earth 🌏. The little protagonist discovered that when the invisible person eats food, he could clearly see how food passes through the digestive system. Through this activity, students observed 🔍 the digestion process and learned how to deal with constipation. They also realized the importance of a balanced diet and ways to achieve it. In addition, students also participated in the Little Treasure in the Stuffed Toy’s Body Seminar, where they were introduced to the different physical characteristics of boys and girls and learned how to respect other people’s bodies and protect their bodies 🥰.


“Children’s Day at Happy School”

We want to express our gratitude to the parents and children in Sha Tin who participated in our school play day. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we have scheduled two additional sessions, both of which are now fully booked.
We want to thank all the parents and children for their love and care, and we ask all registered participants to come to our school as scheduled. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 2604-4380.


The highlights of the students Unit 5 in school

These were the highlights of K1 students’ Learning Unit 5 “Where’s the Fish” Activity. The story was about a small lonely goldfish that ran away from the fish tank 💦 because it wanted to make friends. It hid in different corners of the house. Students improved their observation skills by following the hiding places 🔍 of the small goldfish with visual observation. Through the instructional activity, students learned about the goldfish’s habitat, raised a goldfish 🐠 together, and understood the concept of little creatures.

These were the highlights of K2 students’ Learning Unit 5 “I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato” Activity. The story was about Lola (the main character), a fussy eater. She wouldn’t eat anything. She wouldn’t eat greens, potatoes, carrots, and absolutely not tomatoes. What’s an excellent way to change her bad habits? Through the story, students learned about the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables. Children turned different vegetables into interesting drawings with their boundless imagination, too. Students also used their different senses to explore fruits and vegetables 🍅 and used clay to create a nutritious meal box 🍱.

These were the highlights of K3 students’ Learning Unit 5 “Busy New Year’s Eve” Activity. The story revolved around the main character’s family welcoming New Year’s Eve and their preparations for the reunion. Through the activity, students learned the culture and customs of traditional Chinese festivals and realized that family love is priceless. In addition, K3 students also launched the picture book “Where Is Our Home Now” of “Every Child is an Artist,” which introduced them to the habitat of penguins 🐧 and the issue of global warming 🌍. They also created a penguin igloo together afterward. This activity was so fun and environmentally significant.


The highlights of the students Unit 4 in school

These were the learning highlights of K1 students’ Unit 4 “Princess Dress.” The story was about a princess 👸 who received a birthday party invitation and had to choose an appropriate dress for the event. During the instructional activity, students learned the proper attire for different occasions as well as the types, colors, and textures of clothes. At the same time, they learned about the concepts of valuing our clothes and environmental protection and also made beautiful clothes 👚👕👔👗 for themselves. In addition, since Christmas is already around the corner, students also designed Christmas cards and sent them to Finland for Santa Claus 🎅, and participated in the Carol Singing Festival Activity 🎤 with their parents.

These were the learning highlights of K2 students’ Unit 4 “Sana’s Red Sweater.” The story was about Sana (the main character) who received a red sweater from her grandma. Sana and her friends tried different ways to resize the sweater that couldn’t fit her. Through the story, students felt the warmth of family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕, brainstormed ideas to resize the sweater 🪡✂️, which allowed them to explore the texture and characteristics of different clothes, brought their favorite clothes to school to share with classmates, and learned to do laundry 🧽🪣 together.

These were the learning highlights of K3 students’ Unit 4 “I’ve Become a Fire-breathing Dragon.” The story was about Ahguli 🦖that got stung by Botai, a bad-temper-disease-carrying mosquito 🦟. After it was bitten by Botai, Ahguli would breathe fire all over the place nonstop whenever he was angry 😡, which seriously affected his life. Through the activity, students learned how to deal with emotions properly, brainstormed ideas to help Ahguli put out the fire 🔥, and created a 3D drawing of the fire-breathing dragon. They also learned to play the rainstick and paper-cutting techniques ✂️.


The highlights of the students Unit 3 in school

These were the learning highlights of the K1 Unit 3 “I’m Your Older Brother.” During the activity, students learned about their stage of development and that they should cherish their families. They also made a family photo frame and participated in the Wee Wee Wa Wa Halloween Activity~

These were the learning highlights of the K2 Unit 3 “Lolo Goes to the Zoo.” Through the extension of the story, students set about creating ecosystem balls together to learn the life cycle of a fish. It was very interesting~

These were the learning highlights of the K3 Unit 3 “A-Fei – The Kid Who Loves Painting.” Through the activities under this project, students discovered that different types of tools could be used for painting and appreciated famous paintings of well-known artists, etc. They also participated in the Food for Good planting activities and the Wee Wee Wa Wa Halloween Activity~


Sharing the Joy

We are glad to have received a letter from the Kowloon City Baptist Church Jubilee Hay Nien (Yan Ping) Primary School recognizing our graduates Yeung Chun Shing and Pong Ho Kwan for their positive attitude and good academic performance.

In addition, we highly commend our graduates Wai Hong Yu, Law Hing Sum, Sin Ching, Ku Chun Yin, Cheng Kwan Yuk and Choi Cheuk Shing for landing in the top 10 in the first midterm exam.

We congratulate these graduates for their outstanding learning performance in their primary school and wish them a happy student life. We hope that all students will continue to study hard, strive for improvement and keep a positive outlook.

Principal Wong and the faculty will always support all of you.


Sharing the Joy 🎊

The School is glad to receive a letter from Carmel Alison Lam Primary School commending our graduate Yeung Hei Laam (Batch 2015-2016) for her proactive learning performance 👍🏻 and for receiving a place at her preferred English secondary school – Shatin Pui Ying College. 🎊

We congratulate and wish our graduate Student Yeung a happy secondary school life. We hope you will continue to study hard and improve and stay proactive. 🎉🎉🎉

Principal Wong and the entire faculty will always support all of you.


Sharing Good News About the Exhibition of “Lighting Up the Green City with Young Hearts” Drawing Competition Entries

Our graduate Yiu King Cheung (Batch 2021-2022) received an award in the “Lighting Up the Green City with Young Hearts” Drawing Competition for sharing her vision of a green future in the wonderful city using creative brush strokes. 🌱🌳

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited has replaced the decoration of some gas facilities in every district in Hong Kong with new ones carefully crafted with remarkable paintings. This way, more residents can appreciate children’s drawings of their future homes to encourage everyone to work together to make these dreams a reality. 🖌

From now until the 4th Quarter of 2023, these will be displayed on the gas facilities in Lek Yuen Estate – Luk Chuen House in Shatin. We encourage students and parents to go there and “check in” for a remembrance. Let us light up the green city together!


Sharing Good News🌸

The School is honored to accept the “Hong Kong Volunteer Award” co-organized by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency for Volunteer Service.

The School received the “Caring School” Award after a rigorous review by the committee.

This is a joint volunteer effort of parents, teaching and administrative staff, and students of the School. Your selfless dedication is truly admirable.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their love and contribution! 💖


“Share the Good News”

Congratulations to the students of our school for winning the GAPSK Nursery Song Poetry Elite Competition (the third session)

Seven awards in Kindergarten category



Two Championship Awards:

K2WChan Ho Yan

K2W Lin Tsun Yui


Three Runner-up Prizes:

K1B Tso Lok Ching

K2A Zhong Muk Hei

K2A Fok Yeuk Kiu


Two Awards of Excellence:

K2A Yu Chi Yuen

K2C Zhang Wenshuo


Congratulations to all the award-winning students🙌🏻, and at the same time, I would also like to thank our Mandarin teacher Li Qin for teaching our outstanding students carefully👍🏻