The highlights of students First Semester Unit 1 in school

K1’s First Unit – Adaptation Week and First Day of School

Our K1 students had a fantastic time at TWGHs Chan King Har Kindergarten. They explored the campus, met teachers and classmates, and tried new activities like having teatime at school, singing, and creating crafts. It was an exciting start to their school journey!

K2’s First Unit Highlight: “Tintin Makes Friends”.

In this unit, our K2 students had a blast creating an “environmental sand mallet” and conducting a rolling experiment together. It was a fun-filled experience that sparked their curiosity and enthusiasm.

K3’s First Unit Highlight: “They All Love Me”

In the “They All Love Me” unit, our K3 students explored the roles and responsibilities of family members while learning to be filial. They engaged in exciting activities like folding “their own home,” writing family members’ names, and creating clay characters with glue. It was a delightful and enriching experience for our students!

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