The highlights of students First Semester Unit 3 in school

The third unit of K1 is “My Brother.”
In this unit, through the activity, the children get to know about their family members and learn to care for them. Apart from that, the children made a family picture frame to share their family members!

It was the second unit for k2; this time, it was an “ animal park.” In this chapter, all the children get to know different animals’ names. Terrariums were also made, and the children observed the growth of shrimps when they were grouped. The process was fascinating.

K3’s topic was “Drawing Lover.” The children try to create the story’s ending with others in the theme. The teacher and the children play together to become the story’s protagonist – Ah Fei likes to draw again and even engages in role play. The children are asked to try to play the role of Ah Fei and his good friends in the story to share their own experiences—interests, and things they like to do. During the activity, the teacher also made paintings with the children. The children used their favorite paints to create, and finally, their works turned into beautiful butterflies, using their imagination and creativity to engage the children in the activity.

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