The highlights of students First Semester Unit 4 in school

In this unit, K1 students learned about “The Little Goldfish Escaped.” They observed the growth of a little goldfish and even tried to feed it. The children also made goldfish tanks during the drawing activity, which they found exciting.

Moving on to the fourth unit of K2 students, the story of “Shana’s Red Sweater” is about how Grandma gave Shana a red sweater. However, Shana found that the shirt did not fit well, so she tried to change its size. During the activity, children explored the texture, color, thickness, and materials of clothes.

Finally, the theme of K3 this time was “The Angry Prince”. Through the content of the picture book, children learned how to manage their emotions and relax. During a mini-game, the children guessed the emotional pictures they wore on their heads. The teacher also allowed the children to draw different expressions during the drawing activities and captured their emotions with cameras so that the children could imitate the drawings. Overall, all the children were engaged in the theme activities.

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