The highlights of students First Semester Unit 5 in school

The fifth unit of K1, this time, is “The Cow Eating Fruit”. In this unit, young children can learn about different fruits. During the process, the children, accompanied by the teacher, had the opportunity to make fruit salad themselves and taste the results. The process was exciting, and the children were very engaged. In addition, during the drawing activities, children can observe the cross-section of the fruit and use the cross-section of the fruit to print out fruit paintings.

This is the fifth learning unit of K2. The story is about Grandpa planting a persimmon tree in his home. He gave the persimmon stems, leaves, and branches to Grandma, who used her creativity to turn these things into toys. In this unit, children learned about the structure, color, and appearance characteristics of persimmons. They also attempted to plant persimmons and learned about the growth process of plants.

The theme of K3 is a 100-story home under the sea. Children use crayons and watercolors to draw the underwater world and different marine life. They also have opportunities to engage in outdoor activities such as visiting the Discovery Hall in the Cultural Museum and going out for sketching. The theme content is exciting and rich, and the children are very involved and enjoy it.

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