The highlights of the students Unit 4 in school

These were the learning highlights of K1 students’ Unit 4 “Princess Dress.” The story was about a princess ? who received a birthday party invitation and had to choose an appropriate dress for the event. During the instructional activity, students learned the proper attire for different occasions as well as the types, colors, and textures of clothes. At the same time, they learned about the concepts of valuing our clothes and environmental protection and also made beautiful clothes ???? for themselves. In addition, since Christmas is already around the corner, students also designed Christmas cards and sent them to Finland for Santa Claus ?, and participated in the Carol Singing Festival Activity ? with their parents.

These were the learning highlights of K2 students’ Unit 4 “Sana’s Red Sweater.” The story was about Sana (the main character) who received a red sweater from her grandma. Sana and her friends tried different ways to resize the sweater that couldn’t fit her. Through the story, students felt the warmth of family ?‍?‍?‍??, brainstormed ideas to resize the sweater ?✂️, which allowed them to explore the texture and characteristics of different clothes, brought their favorite clothes to school to share with classmates, and learned to do laundry ?? together.

These were the learning highlights of K3 students’ Unit 4 “I’ve Become a Fire-breathing Dragon.” The story was about Ahguli ?that got stung by Botai, a bad-temper-disease-carrying mosquito ?. After it was bitten by Botai, Ahguli would breathe fire all over the place nonstop whenever he was angry ?, which seriously affected his life. Through the activity, students learned how to deal with emotions properly, brainstormed ideas to help Ahguli put out the fire ?, and created a 3D drawing of the fire-breathing dragon. They also learned to play the rainstick and paper-cutting techniques ✂️.

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