The highlights of the students Unit 5 in school

These were the highlights of K1 students’ Learning Unit 5 “Where’s the Fish” Activity. The story was about a small lonely goldfish that ran away from the fish tank ? because it wanted to make friends. It hid in different corners of the house. Students improved their observation skills by following the hiding places ? of the small goldfish with visual observation. Through the instructional activity, students learned about the goldfish’s habitat, raised a goldfish ? together, and understood the concept of little creatures.

These were the highlights of K2 students’ Learning Unit 5 “I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato” Activity. The story was about Lola (the main character), a fussy eater. She wouldn’t eat anything. She wouldn’t eat greens, potatoes, carrots, and absolutely not tomatoes. What’s an excellent way to change her bad habits? Through the story, students learned about the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables. Children turned different vegetables into interesting drawings with their boundless imagination, too. Students also used their different senses to explore fruits and vegetables ? and used clay to create a nutritious meal box ?.

These were the highlights of K3 students’ Learning Unit 5 “Busy New Year’s Eve” Activity. The story revolved around the main character’s family welcoming New Year’s Eve and their preparations for the reunion. Through the activity, students learned the culture and customs of traditional Chinese festivals and realized that family love is priceless. In addition, K3 students also launched the picture book “Where Is Our Home Now” of “Every Child is an Artist,” which introduced them to the habitat of penguins ? and the issue of global warming ?. They also created a penguin igloo together afterward. This activity was so fun and environmentally significant.

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