Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

Before becoming enraged at their children, parents should ask themselves these three questions

Parenting Tips Written by: Caritas Rehabilitation Services,Clinical Psychologist, Yu Kwok Ting Some parents may be more impulsive and even have a habit of blaming their children for  problems such as disobedience, deliberate anger, or naughtiness. When children fail to do  what they want, they become angry with their parents, but this will gradually alienate them from their parents, which will damage the parent-child relationship in the long run. Parents’ personalities, families of origin, and parenting methods learned in different ways  will affect parent-child relationships. And the adults’ thoughts will influence their mood. If adults find themselves in frequent conflicts with children, which affect the parent-child relationship, we can ask ourselves three questions. 1.Whether there are other

Three steps to teach children to eat on their own

Parenting Tips Written by: Senior Parenting Specialist, Bally When children go to school, they have to eat on their own. It is not an easy challenge to  teach children to eat well, as they have to eat attentively and refrain from playing with food. In fact, parents only need three steps to teach their children to eat on their own. First, parents need to teach their children to eat on their own. Parents are frequently anxious for their children to finish their meals quickly, fearing that they will not eat and will have to be fed by their parents. In fact, starting at 6 months of age, children should get used to using their own hands to

3 big tricks to let young children know the emotions & improve their social skills

Parenting Tips Written by: Speech Therapist Mother, Miss Carley Since children are only about two or three years old, their knowledge of the world will become deeper and deeper, teaching them to understand emotions can help them express their feelings and encourage them to put themselves in the position of understanding the feelings of others, thereby enhancing their social skills. Tip 1: Parents and children watch cartoons together Parents can watch more cartoons with their children. Often, the expressions of the characters in these cartoons are exaggerated so that children can identify the emotions and feelings of the characters and ask them about their reasons and solutions. Parents and children watching stories and the storytelling process,

“I’m so tired” How to improve the feeling of tiredness?

Parenting Tips Written by: Chinese doctor Yiu Yee Chiu As a parent, it can be exhausting to take care of a family and work. In my spare time, I like to watch talk shows and listen to the unique views of celebrities on life and their outlook on life. Once they talked about the busy life of Hong Kong people and how fatigue seems to be an inevitable “by-product”. However, we were told that we are not tired because we are all like that and it is just a normal physiological reaction. So, is this true? Tiredness is actually a subjective feeling, so only you can understand it. In some cases, it can be seen in

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