Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

Siblings often quarrel with each other and the role of parents is especially important.

Parenting Tips Written by : Founder of Family Dynamics                    Marriage and Family Therapist                    Children Play Therapist                              Ng Yee Kam In recent play therapy cases, several of the children’s emotional problems were related to their young siblings’ relationship. Most of these problems were not caused by major arguments, but rather by subtle interactions in which each child was seeking the mother’s attention, comparing how much positive feedback they received from each other, and comparing who the mother “loved” more! Children often fight with each other because they are jealous of

Three characteristics to let you know whether you are a “monster parent”?

Parenting Tips Written by: Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Family Education        Dr. Tik Chi-yuen Although parenting is a natural duty, it is not “inborn to take duty”. Previously, I discussed with senior government officials the current difficulties of parents and how to effectively promote parent education.During the discussion, we all felt that parent education should be strengthened because parents are becoming more and more “monsterized”, resulting in high pressure on parents and heavy burden on children. If parents want to determine whether they are “monster parents”, they can assess in three aspects. First,are you always worried about your child losing at the starting line, so you ask your child to learn more and practice

“Will my son be too thin if he doesn’t eat much?”

Parenting Tips Written By: Founder of Kat-Spirit Nutrition Centre           Senior Dietitian Ng Yiu Fun Many parents will bring their children to see me and say, “Is my son too thin? or “His bones are very obvious” or “Look, his ribs are visible, and his arms are still very small! In fact, many parents feel that their children are thin, but in fact, are these cases really thin? In fact, whether it is thin or not, we have to look at the growth chart. If the child is below the growth line, he or she is considered thin. If the child is thin, there is no need to worry too much about health problems. Some parents

Nurturing children’s interest in reading

Parenting Tips Written by : New Horizons Development Centre                    Registered Educational Psychologist  Pang Chi Wah A hundred years ago, illiteracy was a normal thing. But since education became widespread decades ago, it is now necessary to go to school to receive an education. Learning is not only through the direct transmission of knowledge by teachers through language, students also need to read textbooks by themselves. When doing homework or taking exams, students are tested on their concentration and speed when reading. More than 30 years ago, the basic qualification for firefighters was graduation from the sixth grade, but today, even college graduates may not be able to

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