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[Straighten Up Campus Campaign] SPINE Online Chiropractic Learning Platform – Video Clips Recommendations (March)

1. [A Festive Special] – “DIY Lucky Coin Bank for Your Lunar New Year Red Packets”

After our previous Christmas handicraft session with Dr. Chiropractor, Little Miss Dragonfly has a new activity just for you ? This Lunar New Year, turn a milk carton into a coin bank. Get ready to open your red packets! ?

2. “2020 Results Sharing Session”

2020 has been quite an extraordinary year, we cordially invite you to join us in reflecting upon the past year. Let’s not forget the importance of chiropractic care even in the “epidemic” ❤️

3. “Sitting Posture: Side of Waist, Ankle, and Knee”

Did you accidentally ate too much candy and rice cakes ?? Don’t worry, train your muscles at the side of your abdomen with Ken Sir ? now!