” 2023-2024 Primary One Admission Placement Results”

On November 20 (Monday), the results of the self-allocation of places of 2023-2024 primary one admissions have been announced. According to statistics, 78% of our school’s senior class students have been selected to the school of their choice. Congratulations to parents and children?? ??


New Member-Jellyfish

Our school has some special guests, and they are jellyfishes.?We have a simple but grand ceremony for the opening ceremony of the jellyfishes. We also invited parent volunteers and all the children in the school to witness it. We saw the children happily welcoming the jellyfishes ??They all expressed They are very curious, observing the shape of the jellyfishes, wondering how they eat, etc., and actively participating in the question and answer session to understand the characteristics of jellyfishes better. It can be seen that the children want to become responsible jellyfish caregivers?~ Finally, thank you to different people for setting up jellyfishes devices in our school ??


The highlights of students First Semester Unit 2 in school

This is the activity highlight of the second unit of K1 “I Can Do It”, in which students learned about their different abilities and developments, such as learning to stick stickers, creating fingerprints, and mastering the skills of stamping. In addition, the students celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival together and learned about Chinese culture~

The second unit of learning in K2 is “The Baby Elephant Has a Long Trunk”. In this unit, the children learned about the physical characteristics of baby elephants and used paper plates to create baby elephant drawings and small hand trees. In addition, the children also learned about some Mid-Autumn Festival customs, such as admiring the moon, eating mooncakes, playing with lanterns ?, and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

In the Gorilla Bakery unit in K3, children can try their hand at playing the role of a baker and making sandwiches by themselves. In this unit, students can also use watercolor and wood colors to draw their favorite breads, such as doughnuts, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. At the same time, children learn to use scissors to cut paper and try to cut out symmetrical patterns in the theme. In addition, the theme activities were integrated into the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Costumes Activity, so that the children could learn about different ethnic costumes and the festival culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Parents Zone

How do parents show love to their children?

Parenting Tips

November 2023

Source: Parenting Education Specialist, Ken Sir

Parents may worry that expressing too much love to their children will spoil them and therefore do not know how to express love to them. Generally speaking, Chinese are more introverted and often dare not express their love. Especially when you originally wanted to express that you were very worried about your child, it often turns into another attitude.

Once, I saw a mother and her child get lost in Shatin and then reunite. What was the mother’s behavior like after the reunion? She grabbed the child’s hand and hit him while saying, “I couldn’t find you earlier; do you know how scared I was? I was so worried. What would I do if I didn’t find you?”

In fact, everyone knows that the mother loves her child, but the child doesn’t feel it. I often share an example during lectures to express love. When I was young, my father ordered a drink, but because money was tight, he asked the waiter to bring an extra cup after ordering one hot drink. He kept pouring the drink back and forth in front of me, trying to cool it down quickly so that the child wouldn’t burn his mouth and could drink it faster. But I found that when children ask their parents or when I asked many students’ parents, they would answer, “This will make it cool faster.”

When responding to children, parents should express their feelings at the deepest level: “I love you; why would I do this if I didn’t love you? Am I doing it for someone else? For another child? So in fact, there are many things in our lives that can express love, but there is one thing that must be remembered. If you are afraid of being overindulgent, remember the following two points:

First, if the child can do something, let them do it. You should not fight to do it. Second, when the child makes a mistake, we should correct them. In the process of correction, try to be gentle and firm. When seriousness is needed, be serious. But remind the child to say the solution, not just say no or that it’s wrong. Otherwise, the child will not progress.


TWGHs Kindergartens Amazing Channel

[Learn more about animals – Panda】

When you think of pandas, do you think of the fat and cute national treasure?
Pandas are divided into “big pandas” and “little pandas. “This episode “Know More about Animals.”
In this session, children from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Ma Chan King Ha Kindergarten will introduce two kinds of little trivia about pandas; both are very cute!
What animal will appear in the next episode? You might as well leave a message below to guess most !
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Biliterate and trilingual

Our school has three foreign teachers so that children can improve their English skills with immersive English and rich context in the school environment. Among them, children’s daily English, instructions, and pronunciation have also enhanced. Foreign teachers’ teaching can better coordinate with the school’s diversified learning and activities so that children’s learning effectiveness can complement each other. Many studies have pointed out that learning two languages ​​​​in the early stages of children can improve various cognitive abilities, make the brain more flexible in switching tasks, and significantly improve concentration and memory, which benefits children’s brains.